Theta Meditation Isochronic Tone

It is a well known fact that meditation results in stress relief, better health and brings about a sense of calm to the practitioner. When it is practiced regularly, the person's thought processes speed up and he can think clearly and objectively without his judgment being clouded by emotional responses.

Theta Meditation

Studies have revealed that during a successful meditative session, the brain produces an enhanced quantity of Theta waves that are slower pulses. When in this Theta state, it is possible to tap into the human brain's immense potential to achieve development of several abilities including psychic ones.

Theta Meditation Explained

Theta meditation is the technique of using binaural beats to lead your brain into this state where slower brain pulses are witnessed. It is at this level of consciousness that the parts of your brain that are usually dormant are awakened. Our Isochronic tones use this binaural beat technology to get your brain waves pulsing at 4-7 hz, the right frequency to engage in Theta meditation.

Benefits of Engaging your Subconscious with Theta

Theta brainwaves enable the engagement of the subconscious. The human brain's intuitive powers, memories and emotional responses are accessible in Theta state. When you unlock this latent potential using this meditative technique you become a more creative individual too. Theta waves are the kind of brain pulses that enable astral projection, past life regression, remote viewing and stimulate psychic skills. Learning skills are enhanced by regular practice of theta meditation too and in conjunction with the improved memory that this technique offers, this sets the stage for enhancing
your ability to absorb new skills and concepts immeasurably.

Achieve Deep Relaxation and Self Awareness

Theta meditation has direct impact on the kind of relaxation you achieve both mentally and physically. In fact, regular practitioners find that they require much less sleep than before since they attain perfect relaxation using this technique. As this meditation allows you to connect with your inner self, greater self awareness comes about with Theta meditation.

Effective Theta Meditation with Isochronic Tones

It is near impossible for a regular person to slip into theta brainwave level on demand- Unless he/ she is aided by specially designed isochronic tones that encourage the brain to move into this mode of activity.

Our Isochronic tones contain the perfect binaural beats to help you attain this coveted state with ease minutes into your meditation session. Other than helping you harness your inner potential, this Isochronic tone also allows you to enjoy a rejuvenating and restful meditative experience unhampered by auditory/ visual disruptions.

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