Best Meditation Technique For Beginners

The human life today is full of struggles and stresses. If one decides to slow down, there is a full chance of him being left behind. Most of us live a stressful life and are overloaded with work to maintain pace with others. Stress is the gate to all mental and emotional ailments. Meditation is the best possible way to reduce stress and live a healthy and happy life.

Meditation traditionally is done with focusing on objects like candle, or your breath. Through meditation, your mind and body relaxes and you experience inner peace. The more you are focused and concentrated, the better results you are going to experience. Meditation helps in developing your concentration levels. Many people amongst us believe meditation is not for us and might not work in our situation. Well, this is completely wrong and the fact is that anyone can easily learn meditation and if you practice it regularly it will help in knowing yourself better. This article discusses some meditation techniques that are very easy to follow and work real well too.

The most basic form of meditation technique is closing your eyes and counting your breaths. All you have to do is to simply breathe in and breathe out and pay attention to the sensation of your breath coming in. You have to feel the air coming in and going out of your nostrils. This will help you concentrate or meditate. When you will follow this breathe in and breathe out for some time, you will notice that your focus on counting your breaths is increasing and your contact with the outside world is reducing. Keep your eyes closed during this process and keep yourself focused.

Another common meditation technique is the use of some mantra. In traditional Hindu culture, the word OM is considered magical for healing powers. The skill lies in not just speaking it but chanting it from the bottom of your heart. It can be any mantra all you have to do is to chant it again and again so that your mind starts focusing on it. When you chant anything repeatedly by sitting in a quiet room and closing your eyes, you will start noticing that your contact with the outside world is reducing.

Meditation is very similar to technology in its development. From the early stage until now, meditation has undergone a lot of changes. Now, with advanced but yet very simple technique, meditation becomes very easy to do. One of this technique is the initiation technique. After getting a Divine Energy initiation, you could get into a deepest meditation state instantly. Getting into deep state of meditation requires months and months of intense training in the past, but this can be achieved almost instantly with Divine Energy initiation.

If you think positive thoughts during meditation, it will have a positive affect on your body as your thoughts have a direct influence on your body. This is called self healing meditation which is involves deep meditation. Through this, positive energy is produced in our body that increases the healing process. This form of meditation is often suggested by hospitals these days.

For meditation, you should be in a calm and quiet place. This will help you to focus in a better way. The mattress you are practicing on should be comfortable too or else you will easily get distracted. Early morning is the best time to meditate as mind is all fresh that time. Drinking a glass or two of water prior to meditating is good. One thing to keep in mind is that you should not eat too much before you start meditation. Keep yourself light and mind relaxed. When your stomach is neither empty nor extra full, you can concentrate better.

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