Self Healing Meditation - Hollywood Celebrities Latest Trend

More and more Hollywood celebrities are doing meditation for self healing, anti stress, or even anti aging purposes. The list includes Madonna, Richard Gere, Sting, Halle Berry, Danny Glover and other well known public figures.

Jessica Alba, one of the hottest Hollywood actress, practiced meditation during laboring her daughter. She did not make any noise at all during the whole process. Alba said, " I did not scream. It was really Zen. I wanted to do the delivery naturally. The process was more like a deep meditation." She is convinced that a quiet delivery room kept her pain free during the delivery.

Meditation has been practiced long before the Hollywood meditation frenzy. It has been practiced by our early ancestors, even during stone age. In the west. Meditation was considered part of the eastern culture until The Beatles in the seventies introduced it to the west. Since then, it becomes more and more acceptable to the west. Various studies in the major universities and hospitals across the United States have shown that meditation help to speed up healing process.

Patients who added meditation as part of their healing programs, showed significant improvement in their recovery. Self healing meditation are often advised by the medical professionals to complement modern medical treatments.

During self healing meditation, patients' brain wave entered alpha or even theta state. In this deep meditation state, one's immune system is improved. This is the key factor in the healing process.

Spiritually, meditation helps you to become more connected with the Divine Source. The better you are connected with it with unconditional Love, the healthier you will become physically. This is an automatic reaction to unconditional love, because you are in harmony with the Source.

Meditation nowadays does not have to be a painful chore. More and more easy to learn techniques are introduced to the west. One of the most favorite technique is the energy based technique, such as Reiki and Divine Energy Meditation.

Meditation using Divine Energy is much easier than any other conventional techniques where you have to spend months sometimes years to master. It includes an initiation process which allows you to be able to access the healing energy instantly. There is no ritual or any specific sitting position. All you have to do is sit comfortably, close your eyes and let yourself be in unconditional love.

Now, everybody could enjoy meditation without straining your muscles and mumbling strange words.

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