Alpha Meditation Isochronic Tone

Alpha meditation is a very effective technique by which you can connect with your subconscious mind effortlessly. Experts believe that the ancient Siddha practitioners of India used this meditation to center their mental energies. The therapeutic effects of Alpha meditation are indisputable. Practitioners can feel their minds entering a blissful state soon after they begin to meditate.

Alpha Meditation

In fact, with Alpha meditation you can 'train' your subconscious towards positive, empowering self- perception, and in the process transforming your life dramatically !

Does Alpha Meditation Re-energize the Body and Mind ?

Yes, practitioners of this meditation technique find themselves re-energized and refreshed after each and every session.

During alpha meditation, you tap into the state of consciousness that exists between the states of sleeping and waking. This allows you to harness the capabilities of your subconscious in the most effective manner and to bring it to fore so that several benefits may be derived. The wonderful thing about alpha meditation is that it is not just your body that is refreshed but also your mind and spirit. You will find innumerable positive changes taking place in your physical and mental self when you adopt this meditation technique.

Alpha Leads the Brain into its ‘Comfort Zone’

When you are in the alpha level during this meditation, where you are fully connected with your subconscious mind, your brain waves slow down to as much as half the normal frequency. This is the comfort zone for the human brain where about 7 to 14 pulsations can be detected in a second. In a perfectly healthy person, this is the state achieved when he falls into a deep sleep at night, resulting in him waking up completely refreshed and rejuvenated. Unfortunately, there are hardly a handful of people who manage to achieve this kind of uninterrupted, deep sleep at night. By using our isochronic tone Alpha meditation Isochronic tone you duplicate this state with ease. This allows you to derive the benefits arising out of this deep state of relaxation even when you are not asleep or when you are unable to achieve this kind of ‘perfect’ sleep.

‘Grounding’ Yourself with Alpha

For those who are under immense stress and unable to think with clarity or who lack focus as a result of mental/ emotional disturbances, alpha meditation using our Isochronic tone is the perfect solution. As you move deeper into the state of calm that alpha induces, you will find the stress/ disturbances leaving your mind. Your thoughts perceptibly sharpen and come into focus. Physically, this state will manifest itself as regularization and slowing down of your breathing and pulse. At this point, you find yourself able to balance or ground yourself and control the stressors/ interrupters that are disturbing your mental calm.   With regular practice you can control these negative triggers consciously as soon as you sense them beginning to affect you so that your mental calm is never allowed to be disrupted.

Why Should You Use Alpha Meditation?

In today’s fast paced world, stress is becoming the natural state of man. Taking medication for stress related problems comes with its own barrage of adverse side effects. Alpha is the perfect solution for such issues because this meditation technique allows you to harness your own inner power and leverage it to center your mind, body and spirit. Our isochronic tone Alpha meditation Isochronic tone enables you to achieve success right from Day 1 with this kind of meditation. As a result you empower yourself, become a more productive employee, a focused individual and a stronger person overall.

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