Healing Meditation - Grounding Exercise to Improve Your Health

Meditation if done properly will enable You to access a vast amount of Divine Energy. A beginner who is not used to this huge amount of energy could feel uncomfortable and feel dizzy after a deep meditation. The best remedy for this is Grounding exercise.

Grounding exercise will channel the excess energy to mother earth and other existence who needs it. Traditionally grounding exercise would involve certain steps and rituals such as sitting cross-legged positions and visualizing roots come out from your feet into mother earth to clean up your system. Although this exercise has been proven to be effective, now there is an easier way to do Grounding exercise.

For those who are initiated with energy based meditation technique and attuned with Unconditional Love energy, You don't really need to spend 30 minutes or so to do a guided grounding exercise. All You need to do is just intend it!

Yes, it's as simple as that. Just sit in any comfortable position, even your favorite Lazy Boy, and affirm to yourself that You would like to ground all the excess energy to mother earth and all existence.

Why is it so simple? Is it as effective as the traditional Grounding exercise? The answer is yes. When someone is initiated with Unconditional Love and Divine Energy, his or her level or consciousness goes up. Intention to do grounding in a relaxed position is all You need. No need for any rituals such as incense burning, visualization of roots extending from your feet into Earth.

How long will a good Grounding exercise take? Again, for those who has energy based initiation, intuition will take over. Your intuition is the best indicator whether the exercise is enough or not.

Grounding exercise is best to be done after Meditation or whenever your intuition says You need to do it. Follow your intuition, usually once or twice a day for 15 minutes each is enough.

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