Aura Healing Isochronic Tone

Aura Healing Isochronic Tone

Aura healing is a form of spiritual cleansing that releases blocks and negates unwanted energies that impair our physical and mental wellbeing. This kind of healing is also called spirit healing or psychic healing. The objective of this kind of healing is to cleanse the spirit rather than work on the healing of the physical body - the core belief being that when the spirit is healed it automatically heals the body on its own.

Physical Ailments are Symptoms of Spiritual Imbalances

Several physical ailments can be traced back to spiritual roots thus proving that they are simply symptoms of deep-rooted imbalances. By correcting the problem at spiritual level using aura healing, it is possible to get rid of these manifestations completely. One very important point to note with aura healing is that an external healer cannot achieve any success with it unless you are a completely willing participant. This is exactly why the best results may be found when you are engaging in aura healing yourself, thus entering into the process completely voluntarily.

In aura healing, it is your spirit that is encouraged to repair itself and heal the rest of your mental, emotional and physical aspects. This happens best when you are initiating and carrying out the process yourself at a time and place of your own choosing. While well practiced healers may be able to enter the healing process quickly, it is also possible for you to experience effective healing sessions on your own if you are aided by tools like specially designed isochiral tones.

The Use of Isochiral Tones in Aura Healing

With aura healing, the flow of your energy does the actual healing. As you are in charge of the entire process, any tool that helps you focus all your energies into the process is definitely an invaluable aid. Isochiral tones allow you to tap into your subconscious and draw on your inner strength to enhance the healing efficiency.

The very first step in any aura healing session is grounding yourself. For a novice this may be very difficult to achieve on his own. Isochiral tones that help eliminate disruptions and prompt the brain to engage in low level meditation state activity allow even beginners to successfully achieve the tranquil state conducive to aura healing.

The use of isochiral tone has also been found to have a cleansing effect on your inner self. It helps improves clarity of thought by eliminating negative thoughts and emotions that cloud the judgment. This cleansing enhances the effect of aura healing which focuses on getting your creative energies flowing without impairment.

ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) Isochronic Tone

Some of the most common problems among youngsters today relates to attention deficit disorders. There is a lot of talk about these disorders in school age children but the fact is that the problem is hardly confined to them alone. There may be many adults who face these problems simply because it was neither detected nor corrected in their early childhood. Today, there is a very effective way to deal with such problems - isochiral sound therapy.

Why is Isochiral Sound Therapy the Better Solution ?

There are several kinds of treatment plans that are in vogue today to deal with attention deficit disorders. Doctors may prescribe special diets, medications, counseling, training and many other solutions. However, all of these deal only with the symptoms of attention deficit disorders. They aim at improving concentration, enhancing focus, curbing impulsivity and so on. The root of the problem is rarely, if ever, taken into consideration.

Isochiral tones influence brain waves in such a way as to stimulate this organ to shift into a state of deep relaxation. This is the mental state wherein specific hormones or neurotransmitters are stimulated too. This means that the problem is being tackled at the very roots so that the solution is more long lasting and effective too.

Research has found that the use of isochiral tones actually improves the coordination between the two hemispheres of the human brain helping us use our latent brain power much more effectively. The complete lack of harmful side effects is another powerful reason for the growing popularity of isochiral tome Isochronic tones in treatment of attention deficit disorders.

Safe Treatment Solution

Since isochiral sounds do not have any adverse side effects they can be used with children of all ages as well as by adults. In fact, they can also be used alongside other medications without any anxiety about drug mismatches or overdosing. Since these sound waves stimulate the brain in positive ways, even those suffering from depression can use them safely. Regular users find that the complete relaxation that isochiral beats help them experience leads to stress relief and increases clarity of thought.

Isochiral Tones Leave Strong Imprints

It has been found that in comparison with other brainwave entrainment methodologies, isochiral sounds leave a clearer and stronger imprint on the brain. This means that as you continue to use these tones to help with the attention deficit disorder, the benefits are derived more quickly as time progresses as the brain is actually getting ‘trained’ for optimum performance.

Astral Projection Isochronic Tone

As more and more people are opening up to the possibility of transferring consciousness away from the physical human body, music-induced astral projections have emerged as the best technique to achieve this.

Is astral projection a skill worth possessing ?

Can astral travel redefine spiritual experiences and take your body to a level of calmness and understanding that you've never felt before ?

The answer is a resounding 'yes' - astral projections are more common than you may imagine.

Astral projection in the modern age

The concept of astral travel has been around for centuries, and in today's fast-paced world and hectic lifestyles, it has never been more relevant! The Bible and Quran mention astral projections; there is documented history of out-of-body experiences in China, India, Japan, and among the Intuit and Amazon communities. Extensive studies in this field have facilitated a better understanding of how astral travel can be induced, and spiritualists have leveraged the amazing wonders of physics to create limitless possibilities.

How are people using astral travel?

You may wonder how astral projection is helping people gain a better understanding of their spiritual side, and indeed their immediate environment. Here's a look:

Most have admitted that astral travel has offered them greater spiritual clarity. By projecting their consciousness through astral travel, some have experienced hyper-realistic dreams
Astral projection is being used to fine-tune or improve intuition
By far, people are using astral travel to explore and better understand the circumstances and people that surround them.

You can make the most of the above benefits. Imagine suspending your astral body to enhance your spirituality, enjoy a physical experience like never before, and open the doors to wisdom and understanding.

What is Isochronic Tone based on? What kind of astral experience does it induce ?

The basis for Isochronic Tone is sound, a powerful tool that initiates astral projection and makes possible experiences that yoga and meditation cannot achieve. The music synthesis software creates the isochronic beat frequency which tunes the brain into a third frequency that your ears cannot hear. This is the shifting point, inducing a separation from the confines of your physical body to a wondrous astral journey.

Please note that astral projection can be a bit unnerving the first time around, and this is a natural feeling. As you begin to project, you will hear vibrations and sounds like buzzing, yelling and popping. Maintain a sense of calm through them and continue onwards to your Middle Astral (a reality within the fourth dimension and a center of learning) plane.

Accept Your Physical Self Isochronic Tone

Learning to appreciate the way you look and to accept your physical appearance allows you to break out of your self imposed solitude. Love yourself first and know that you area beautiful person inside and out, and you will see that the world starts looking at you the same way. Our Isochronic- affirmation program is the perfect way for you to accept your physical self.

Accept Your Physical Self Subliminal Affirmations

Physical characteristics differ from person to person. But irrespective of how you look, it is very important for you to have a healthy perception of yourself and your appearance.This makes you a confident person who can handle life’s many challenges with ease. Sadly, there are many people who are unhappy with the way they look. The feeling of being unattractive, weak or ungainly forces them to avoid society at large. They remain withdrawn individuals who can never enjoy life’s offering to the fullest.

Accept your Physical Self with Affirmations

Affirmations are a very effective way to start changing the way you perceive yourself. These are powerful messages that ingrain positive thoughts and beliefs deep in your subconscious. This allows you to turn around how you view your physical appearance. In time, these affirmations will show you how attractive you actually are to people around you. With this belief comes the confidence to highlight your best features.

How does our product work?

Our product has a powerful combination of Isochronic tones and voice guides to bring about a complete transformation in the way you look at yourself. The Isochronic tones encourage your brain to achieve a state of complete calm where positive influences are easily absorbed and retained. In this state, your brain is exposed to the voice guides that reiterate a positive affirmation relating to your physical appearance.

Even those who are deeply unhappy with the way they look, those who have suffered serious physical disfigurements have been able to leave their physical and mental scars behind with this program. With regular exposure to this Isochronic tone- voice affirmation program, it is possible for people with extremely low self esteem to gain new confidence in themselves.

More about the program:

    Listen to the program at any time of the day or night and even when you are asleep
    The program contains 60 minutes of Isochronic tones combined with powerful positive
    affirmations that give you a whole new perspective on your appearance
    No headphone or special equipment is necessary

Accepting Criticism Isochronic Tone

Accepting Criticism Subliminal Affirmations

Physical characteristics differ from person to person. But irrespective of how you look, it is very important for you to have a healthy perception of yourself and your appearance. This makes you a confident person who can handle life’s many challenges with ease. Sadly, there are many people who are unhappy with the way they look. The feeling of being unattractive or weak or ungainly forces them to avoid society at large. They remain withdrawn individuals who can never enjoy life’s offering to the fullest.

How do affirmations help ?

Part of accepting who you are and what life can throw at you is actually making the effort to reverse negative beliefs. However, this is easier said than done. You need a strategy, one that is effective and one that you’re sure you will stick by. Affirmations can help you tremendously in this regard – they are proven and powerful tools that can help you develop positive habits and attain a more optimistic outlook towards life. They are more than just words, having a magical effect on the way you think and respond. Coupled with isochronic beat frequencies, they have a compelling influence, and can usher in positive changes in a real and meaningful way.

How criticisms affect us

Criticisms can shake the foundation of a child or adult’s self-esteem, making them feel worthless. There are two types of criticism – constructive and negative. The former can be considered an honest attempt to bring about a positive change in you. The latter is aimed at you only to make you feel inferior and often than not, is laced with malice or even jealousy. We must learn to distinguish between the two in order to make a judicious decision about how to accept and react to the criticisms.

A look at how our product works

Our Isochronic audio program consists of music synthesis software that is accurately calibrated to produce isochronic beat frequencies that create a consistent hypnotic state or a deep trance. Accompanying the beats is vocal guidance that strongly persuades you to accept the affirmations without any questions. This conditioning effect, over time, encourages you to modify your behavior for the better and improve your performance. Some of the salient features of our Isochronic affirmations product are:

    The program lasts 60 minutes
    It enjoys a very high success rate
    You don’t require special equipment or headphones to listen to the audio program
    The program can be used in any environment, even when you’re in a state of rest/sleep

Make the most of our product and tackle every criticism flung at your way graciously. Importantly, learn from constructive criticism and don’t let it weigh you down and affect your work or family life.

Alpha Meditation Isochronic Tone

Alpha meditation is a very effective technique by which you can connect with your subconscious mind effortlessly. Experts believe that the ancient Siddha practitioners of India used this meditation to center their mental energies. The therapeutic effects of Alpha meditation are indisputable. Practitioners can feel their minds entering a blissful state soon after they begin to meditate.

Alpha Meditation

In fact, with Alpha meditation you can 'train' your subconscious towards positive, empowering self- perception, and in the process transforming your life dramatically !

Does Alpha Meditation Re-energize the Body and Mind ?

Yes, practitioners of this meditation technique find themselves re-energized and refreshed after each and every session.

During alpha meditation, you tap into the state of consciousness that exists between the states of sleeping and waking. This allows you to harness the capabilities of your subconscious in the most effective manner and to bring it to fore so that several benefits may be derived. The wonderful thing about alpha meditation is that it is not just your body that is refreshed but also your mind and spirit. You will find innumerable positive changes taking place in your physical and mental self when you adopt this meditation technique.

Alpha Leads the Brain into its ‘Comfort Zone’

When you are in the alpha level during this meditation, where you are fully connected with your subconscious mind, your brain waves slow down to as much as half the normal frequency. This is the comfort zone for the human brain where about 7 to 14 pulsations can be detected in a second. In a perfectly healthy person, this is the state achieved when he falls into a deep sleep at night, resulting in him waking up completely refreshed and rejuvenated. Unfortunately, there are hardly a handful of people who manage to achieve this kind of uninterrupted, deep sleep at night. By using our isochronic tone Alpha meditation Isochronic tone you duplicate this state with ease. This allows you to derive the benefits arising out of this deep state of relaxation even when you are not asleep or when you are unable to achieve this kind of ‘perfect’ sleep.

‘Grounding’ Yourself with Alpha

For those who are under immense stress and unable to think with clarity or who lack focus as a result of mental/ emotional disturbances, alpha meditation using our Isochronic tone is the perfect solution. As you move deeper into the state of calm that alpha induces, you will find the stress/ disturbances leaving your mind. Your thoughts perceptibly sharpen and come into focus. Physically, this state will manifest itself as regularization and slowing down of your breathing and pulse. At this point, you find yourself able to balance or ground yourself and control the stressors/ interrupters that are disturbing your mental calm.   With regular practice you can control these negative triggers consciously as soon as you sense them beginning to affect you so that your mental calm is never allowed to be disrupted.

Why Should You Use Alpha Meditation?

In today’s fast paced world, stress is becoming the natural state of man. Taking medication for stress related problems comes with its own barrage of adverse side effects. Alpha is the perfect solution for such issues because this meditation technique allows you to harness your own inner power and leverage it to center your mind, body and spirit. Our isochronic tone Alpha meditation Isochronic tone enables you to achieve success right from Day 1 with this kind of meditation. As a result you empower yourself, become a more productive employee, a focused individual and a stronger person overall.

Tai Chi Meditation Isochronic Tone

The energy existing in all living beings or the life force is known as chi. Tai chi meditative practices are aimed at normalizing and controlling the flow of energy. It takes years of practice to attain such control. With acoustic brainwave activation it is possible to reap the benefits of advanced tai chi meditation without any prior experience.

What is the importance of tai chi meditation?

According to ancient eastern science, life force travels across body through channels known as meridians. There are totally 12 meridians and chi flowing through them controls all bodily functions. Blockage of chi is the root cause of physical or mental disorders. Tai chi meditation helps clear such blockages and normalizes the flow of energy. With practice it is possible to control the flow of chi and increase or decrease it as required.

The science behind tai chi meditation

Tai chi meditation is based on ancient eastern traditions. It deals with the regulation of life force. Chi present in the body is either inherited at birth or accumulated through diet and activities. The inherited chi can be considered as the genetic code, while the accumulated chi is the energy used for everyday activities. When the body is unable to absorb required amount of chi or circulate it efficiently, the condition manifests in the form of disease or illness. Tai chi meditative techniques aim to normalize the flow of chi. It takes years of practice to gain control of chi, but with tai chi meditation audio recording even beginners can gain such control. The recording works on acoustic brainwave activation technology to induce deep meditative state.

What are the benefits of tai chi meditation?

Tai chi is called meditation in motion. It offers a number of physical, mental and spiritual benefits. It is the secret behind the long lifespan of those belonging to eastern ancestry. It offers all the benefits of meditation like decreased anxiety, increased focus, calm mind, relief from pain, enhanced immunity, improved heart function and an overall positive outlook. Its effectiveness in conditions like sleep disorders, stroke, heart failure, breast cancer, hypertension and Parkinson’s disease has been proved by different studies. Tai chi meditation audio recording is a short cut to the benefits offered by the ancient practice.

How does tai chi meditation audio recording work? What kind of experience does it induce?

Tai chi meditative state is associated with specific brainwaves. The unique brainwave pattern is simulated by tai chi meditation audio recording. Acoustic brainwave activation induces the brain to create a psycho somatic state similar to the one reached with traditional tai chi practices. The program is an easy alternative to ancient exercises. Regularly listening to the recording offers benefits like personal enhancement, relaxation and enlightenment similar to those provided by traditional tai chi meditation.

Theta Meditation Isochronic Tone

It is a well known fact that meditation results in stress relief, better health and brings about a sense of calm to the practitioner. When it is practiced regularly, the person's thought processes speed up and he can think clearly and objectively without his judgment being clouded by emotional responses.

Theta Meditation

Studies have revealed that during a successful meditative session, the brain produces an enhanced quantity of Theta waves that are slower pulses. When in this Theta state, it is possible to tap into the human brain's immense potential to achieve development of several abilities including psychic ones.

Theta Meditation Explained

Theta meditation is the technique of using binaural beats to lead your brain into this state where slower brain pulses are witnessed. It is at this level of consciousness that the parts of your brain that are usually dormant are awakened. Our Isochronic tones use this binaural beat technology to get your brain waves pulsing at 4-7 hz, the right frequency to engage in Theta meditation.

Benefits of Engaging your Subconscious with Theta

Theta brainwaves enable the engagement of the subconscious. The human brain's intuitive powers, memories and emotional responses are accessible in Theta state. When you unlock this latent potential using this meditative technique you become a more creative individual too. Theta waves are the kind of brain pulses that enable astral projection, past life regression, remote viewing and stimulate psychic skills. Learning skills are enhanced by regular practice of theta meditation too and in conjunction with the improved memory that this technique offers, this sets the stage for enhancing
your ability to absorb new skills and concepts immeasurably.

Achieve Deep Relaxation and Self Awareness

Theta meditation has direct impact on the kind of relaxation you achieve both mentally and physically. In fact, regular practitioners find that they require much less sleep than before since they attain perfect relaxation using this technique. As this meditation allows you to connect with your inner self, greater self awareness comes about with Theta meditation.

Effective Theta Meditation with Isochronic Tones

It is near impossible for a regular person to slip into theta brainwave level on demand- Unless he/ she is aided by specially designed isochronic tones that encourage the brain to move into this mode of activity.

Our Isochronic tones contain the perfect binaural beats to help you attain this coveted state with ease minutes into your meditation session. Other than helping you harness your inner potential, this Isochronic tone also allows you to enjoy a rejuvenating and restful meditative experience unhampered by auditory/ visual disruptions.

Self Healing Meditation - Hollywood Celebrities Latest Trend

More and more Hollywood celebrities are doing meditation for self healing, anti stress, or even anti aging purposes. The list includes Madonna, Richard Gere, Sting, Halle Berry, Danny Glover and other well known public figures.

Jessica Alba, one of the hottest Hollywood actress, practiced meditation during laboring her daughter. She did not make any noise at all during the whole process. Alba said, " I did not scream. It was really Zen. I wanted to do the delivery naturally. The process was more like a deep meditation." She is convinced that a quiet delivery room kept her pain free during the delivery.

Meditation has been practiced long before the Hollywood meditation frenzy. It has been practiced by our early ancestors, even during stone age. In the west. Meditation was considered part of the eastern culture until The Beatles in the seventies introduced it to the west. Since then, it becomes more and more acceptable to the west. Various studies in the major universities and hospitals across the United States have shown that meditation help to speed up healing process.

Patients who added meditation as part of their healing programs, showed significant improvement in their recovery. Self healing meditation are often advised by the medical professionals to complement modern medical treatments.

During self healing meditation, patients' brain wave entered alpha or even theta state. In this deep meditation state, one's immune system is improved. This is the key factor in the healing process.

Spiritually, meditation helps you to become more connected with the Divine Source. The better you are connected with it with unconditional Love, the healthier you will become physically. This is an automatic reaction to unconditional love, because you are in harmony with the Source.

Meditation nowadays does not have to be a painful chore. More and more easy to learn techniques are introduced to the west. One of the most favorite technique is the energy based technique, such as Reiki and Divine Energy Meditation.

Meditation using Divine Energy is much easier than any other conventional techniques where you have to spend months sometimes years to master. It includes an initiation process which allows you to be able to access the healing energy instantly. There is no ritual or any specific sitting position. All you have to do is sit comfortably, close your eyes and let yourself be in unconditional love.

Now, everybody could enjoy meditation without straining your muscles and mumbling strange words.

Energy Based Initiation - The Easiest Meditation Technique

When first hearing the word meditation, most people would think of some spiritual practice that he or she must do in a very secluded place and take years to get the full benefit. This is not entirely wrong when You refer of traditional meditation technique.

Now, there is a new approach to meditation, the energy based meditation. Meditation is much easier and simpler if You received a Divine Energy initiation from a competent master. What the master would do is actually align your energy centers or Chakras to the Divine Energy frequency.

The initiation will only take 10-15 minutes. A competent master now will not need to do physical actions to give You an initiation. For example, Reiki initiation would involve tapping, blowing even touching the initiate's body. Now, a competent master would only need to pray, and the initiation will be taken over by the Light Masters or even by The Source directly. This probably sounds too strange few years ago, but this is actually what is happening now.

Divine Energy from The Source will come down upon request and automatically self-adjusted to the initiates spiritual and physical level. This is much better than the initiation few years ago, where your level would be decided by the master.

Once initiated, You are automatically become the practitioner of Divine Love and Lights Energy. You could access and channel the energy to meditate or self healing by simply affirming it. The most common practice would be by placing both palms in your chest in a relax sitting position. Once You do this, the energy will come in through your Crown Chakra and comes out from your Hand Chakras, penetrating your body system.

When the Divine Energy penetrates your body, it relaxes your muscle and make it easier for You to enter deepest state of meditation and help heal your body. You don't need to do any mantra, focusing on certain part of body or objects, just relax and enjoy it. 10- 15 minutes a day will give You great benefit physically and spiritually. It's that simple.

The energy based technique now is gaining more and more popularity because of its simple and very easy nature. Anybody could do it anywhere and anytime.

Self Healing Using Energy Healing Will Keep the Doctors Away

Self Healing and Energy Healing - do they work at all ?

For most westerners the terms energy healing sounds a little bit strange. When you were young, you were told that doctors will heal you, not energy. Well, the world seems to shrink, and we learn new things every day, it seems that more and more strange things have become our daily consumption now. Before The Beatles in the sixties, not many westerners heard Yoga before. Now, they are teaching Yoga in Beverly Hills and Manhattan.

Energy healing has becoming popular in the United States since late eighties. More people took Yoga classes, learned meditation and practiced Chi Gong. Big major hospitals such as VA Hospitals, Kaiser Hospitals encouraged their patients to include meditation session as a recovery program.

Energy healing with physical activities such as in Chi Gong and Yoga, gradually shifted to finer form of energy healing obtained through meditation such as Reiki meditation healing. The concept is real simple. You get an initiation from a competent master teacher, get your chakras activated and access the Divine energy just like that and channel it to your body or to others.

As far as disease itself, a human will have problems in his or her energy field before the diseases materialize in his or her physical body. This is the best time to heal yourself or help heal others, before the disease get into physical bodies. It's better not to use energy healing as a substitute to the modern health care. Energy healing should be used only as a complimentary to the modern medicine.

Energy healing will help to accelerate the recovery program because it improves your immune system. People who regularly meditates and do 15 - 20 minutes self healing session every day live healthier, look younger and are generally happier than the ones who don't.

Let's start now, make a meditation and self healing session as a part of your daily routine. 15 minutes of energy healing a day will keep the doctors away.

Healing Meditation - Grounding Exercise to Improve Your Health

Meditation if done properly will enable You to access a vast amount of Divine Energy. A beginner who is not used to this huge amount of energy could feel uncomfortable and feel dizzy after a deep meditation. The best remedy for this is Grounding exercise.

Grounding exercise will channel the excess energy to mother earth and other existence who needs it. Traditionally grounding exercise would involve certain steps and rituals such as sitting cross-legged positions and visualizing roots come out from your feet into mother earth to clean up your system. Although this exercise has been proven to be effective, now there is an easier way to do Grounding exercise.

For those who are initiated with energy based meditation technique and attuned with Unconditional Love energy, You don't really need to spend 30 minutes or so to do a guided grounding exercise. All You need to do is just intend it!

Yes, it's as simple as that. Just sit in any comfortable position, even your favorite Lazy Boy, and affirm to yourself that You would like to ground all the excess energy to mother earth and all existence.

Why is it so simple? Is it as effective as the traditional Grounding exercise? The answer is yes. When someone is initiated with Unconditional Love and Divine Energy, his or her level or consciousness goes up. Intention to do grounding in a relaxed position is all You need. No need for any rituals such as incense burning, visualization of roots extending from your feet into Earth.

How long will a good Grounding exercise take? Again, for those who has energy based initiation, intuition will take over. Your intuition is the best indicator whether the exercise is enough or not.

Grounding exercise is best to be done after Meditation or whenever your intuition says You need to do it. Follow your intuition, usually once or twice a day for 15 minutes each is enough.

Introduction to Self Healing Meditation Technique

Many amongst us are still new to the term "Self Healing" and don't know what exactly this self-healing is all about. The human body is the most fantastic creation of God and in our lives these days we handle so much of day to day stress. Meditation and self healing are the best ways to handle stress. Self healing is the art of making your mind and soul stronger to handle stressful life's situations much more easily. This article discusses what self healing is and how it is done.

Self-healing means recovering from stress, depression or any other kind of mental tension or trauma. In self-healing, self-motivation and positive thinking is very important. This can be easily achieved by meditation. In self healing meditation you are in a deep meditation state that helps in improving your overall health especially your immune system is improved. This type of meditation technique brings you close to The Source and you are in harmony with nature.

Our mind and body are closely interlinked. Negative thoughts and feelings result in negative effects on our body whereas positive thoughts have a healing affect on your body. Anxiety and stressful feelings produce negative vibrations, so during self-healing, one must do away with any negativity in the mind as your thoughts have a direct impact on your body. It is hard to shift your focus on a conscious level so meditation helps a great deal. Self healing meditation help you to reach a state where which directly links you to your sub conscious mind. Self healing can help your body relax and organize itself enough to allow medication to work better.

When you are anxious and panicked your body produces certain hormones that harm your body. On the other hand, when you focus your thoughts on self healing, you begin to develop curative feelings. You can cope with your condition perfectly when your thoughts are positive and focused on healing than illness. This results in positive energy that produces wonderful therapeutic effects. To simplify, when our mind gets anxious it creates negative feelings harming our body and when it is calm and positive it has a self healing affect on our physical health.

Self-healing can help you get rid of bad habits too without having the inner struggle that you usually feel when trying to change your habits. This is because the subconscious mind directs you to follow a specific pattern. It can be reprogrammed to follow a healthier pattern. Self healing meditation can be used to heal any kind of medical problem like hypertension, body pain, stress, headaches, and more.

With the help of positive energy and will to heal your illness, you can live a healthy and happy life. Self healing energy around you will give you a new lease of life. When you put a lot of stress on mind and body you feel like withdrawing from the world whereas when your thoughts are positive and you are calm and recharged with healing energy you feel healthy and happy. Due to numerous benefits, self healing mediation is being practiced by more and more people.

Best Meditation Technique For Beginners

The human life today is full of struggles and stresses. If one decides to slow down, there is a full chance of him being left behind. Most of us live a stressful life and are overloaded with work to maintain pace with others. Stress is the gate to all mental and emotional ailments. Meditation is the best possible way to reduce stress and live a healthy and happy life.

Meditation traditionally is done with focusing on objects like candle, or your breath. Through meditation, your mind and body relaxes and you experience inner peace. The more you are focused and concentrated, the better results you are going to experience. Meditation helps in developing your concentration levels. Many people amongst us believe meditation is not for us and might not work in our situation. Well, this is completely wrong and the fact is that anyone can easily learn meditation and if you practice it regularly it will help in knowing yourself better. This article discusses some meditation techniques that are very easy to follow and work real well too.

The most basic form of meditation technique is closing your eyes and counting your breaths. All you have to do is to simply breathe in and breathe out and pay attention to the sensation of your breath coming in. You have to feel the air coming in and going out of your nostrils. This will help you concentrate or meditate. When you will follow this breathe in and breathe out for some time, you will notice that your focus on counting your breaths is increasing and your contact with the outside world is reducing. Keep your eyes closed during this process and keep yourself focused.

Another common meditation technique is the use of some mantra. In traditional Hindu culture, the word OM is considered magical for healing powers. The skill lies in not just speaking it but chanting it from the bottom of your heart. It can be any mantra all you have to do is to chant it again and again so that your mind starts focusing on it. When you chant anything repeatedly by sitting in a quiet room and closing your eyes, you will start noticing that your contact with the outside world is reducing.

Meditation is very similar to technology in its development. From the early stage until now, meditation has undergone a lot of changes. Now, with advanced but yet very simple technique, meditation becomes very easy to do. One of this technique is the initiation technique. After getting a Divine Energy initiation, you could get into a deepest meditation state instantly. Getting into deep state of meditation requires months and months of intense training in the past, but this can be achieved almost instantly with Divine Energy initiation.

If you think positive thoughts during meditation, it will have a positive affect on your body as your thoughts have a direct influence on your body. This is called self healing meditation which is involves deep meditation. Through this, positive energy is produced in our body that increases the healing process. This form of meditation is often suggested by hospitals these days.

For meditation, you should be in a calm and quiet place. This will help you to focus in a better way. The mattress you are practicing on should be comfortable too or else you will easily get distracted. Early morning is the best time to meditate as mind is all fresh that time. Drinking a glass or two of water prior to meditating is good. One thing to keep in mind is that you should not eat too much before you start meditation. Keep yourself light and mind relaxed. When your stomach is neither empty nor extra full, you can concentrate better.