Self Healing Using Energy Healing Will Keep the Doctors Away

Self Healing and Energy Healing - do they work at all ?

For most westerners the terms energy healing sounds a little bit strange. When you were young, you were told that doctors will heal you, not energy. Well, the world seems to shrink, and we learn new things every day, it seems that more and more strange things have become our daily consumption now. Before The Beatles in the sixties, not many westerners heard Yoga before. Now, they are teaching Yoga in Beverly Hills and Manhattan.

Energy healing has becoming popular in the United States since late eighties. More people took Yoga classes, learned meditation and practiced Chi Gong. Big major hospitals such as VA Hospitals, Kaiser Hospitals encouraged their patients to include meditation session as a recovery program.

Energy healing with physical activities such as in Chi Gong and Yoga, gradually shifted to finer form of energy healing obtained through meditation such as Reiki meditation healing. The concept is real simple. You get an initiation from a competent master teacher, get your chakras activated and access the Divine energy just like that and channel it to your body or to others.

As far as disease itself, a human will have problems in his or her energy field before the diseases materialize in his or her physical body. This is the best time to heal yourself or help heal others, before the disease get into physical bodies. It's better not to use energy healing as a substitute to the modern health care. Energy healing should be used only as a complimentary to the modern medicine.

Energy healing will help to accelerate the recovery program because it improves your immune system. People who regularly meditates and do 15 - 20 minutes self healing session every day live healthier, look younger and are generally happier than the ones who don't.

Let's start now, make a meditation and self healing session as a part of your daily routine. 15 minutes of energy healing a day will keep the doctors away.

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