Tai Chi Meditation Isochronic Tone

The energy existing in all living beings or the life force is known as chi. Tai chi meditative practices are aimed at normalizing and controlling the flow of energy. It takes years of practice to attain such control. With acoustic brainwave activation it is possible to reap the benefits of advanced tai chi meditation without any prior experience.

What is the importance of tai chi meditation?

According to ancient eastern science, life force travels across body through channels known as meridians. There are totally 12 meridians and chi flowing through them controls all bodily functions. Blockage of chi is the root cause of physical or mental disorders. Tai chi meditation helps clear such blockages and normalizes the flow of energy. With practice it is possible to control the flow of chi and increase or decrease it as required.

The science behind tai chi meditation

Tai chi meditation is based on ancient eastern traditions. It deals with the regulation of life force. Chi present in the body is either inherited at birth or accumulated through diet and activities. The inherited chi can be considered as the genetic code, while the accumulated chi is the energy used for everyday activities. When the body is unable to absorb required amount of chi or circulate it efficiently, the condition manifests in the form of disease or illness. Tai chi meditative techniques aim to normalize the flow of chi. It takes years of practice to gain control of chi, but with tai chi meditation audio recording even beginners can gain such control. The recording works on acoustic brainwave activation technology to induce deep meditative state.

What are the benefits of tai chi meditation?

Tai chi is called meditation in motion. It offers a number of physical, mental and spiritual benefits. It is the secret behind the long lifespan of those belonging to eastern ancestry. It offers all the benefits of meditation like decreased anxiety, increased focus, calm mind, relief from pain, enhanced immunity, improved heart function and an overall positive outlook. Its effectiveness in conditions like sleep disorders, stroke, heart failure, breast cancer, hypertension and Parkinson’s disease has been proved by different studies. Tai chi meditation audio recording is a short cut to the benefits offered by the ancient practice.

How does tai chi meditation audio recording work? What kind of experience does it induce?

Tai chi meditative state is associated with specific brainwaves. The unique brainwave pattern is simulated by tai chi meditation audio recording. Acoustic brainwave activation induces the brain to create a psycho somatic state similar to the one reached with traditional tai chi practices. The program is an easy alternative to ancient exercises. Regularly listening to the recording offers benefits like personal enhancement, relaxation and enlightenment similar to those provided by traditional tai chi meditation.

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