ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) Isochronic Tone

Some of the most common problems among youngsters today relates to attention deficit disorders. There is a lot of talk about these disorders in school age children but the fact is that the problem is hardly confined to them alone. There may be many adults who face these problems simply because it was neither detected nor corrected in their early childhood. Today, there is a very effective way to deal with such problems - isochiral sound therapy.

Why is Isochiral Sound Therapy the Better Solution ?

There are several kinds of treatment plans that are in vogue today to deal with attention deficit disorders. Doctors may prescribe special diets, medications, counseling, training and many other solutions. However, all of these deal only with the symptoms of attention deficit disorders. They aim at improving concentration, enhancing focus, curbing impulsivity and so on. The root of the problem is rarely, if ever, taken into consideration.

Isochiral tones influence brain waves in such a way as to stimulate this organ to shift into a state of deep relaxation. This is the mental state wherein specific hormones or neurotransmitters are stimulated too. This means that the problem is being tackled at the very roots so that the solution is more long lasting and effective too.

Research has found that the use of isochiral tones actually improves the coordination between the two hemispheres of the human brain helping us use our latent brain power much more effectively. The complete lack of harmful side effects is another powerful reason for the growing popularity of isochiral tome Isochronic tones in treatment of attention deficit disorders.

Safe Treatment Solution

Since isochiral sounds do not have any adverse side effects they can be used with children of all ages as well as by adults. In fact, they can also be used alongside other medications without any anxiety about drug mismatches or overdosing. Since these sound waves stimulate the brain in positive ways, even those suffering from depression can use them safely. Regular users find that the complete relaxation that isochiral beats help them experience leads to stress relief and increases clarity of thought.

Isochiral Tones Leave Strong Imprints

It has been found that in comparison with other brainwave entrainment methodologies, isochiral sounds leave a clearer and stronger imprint on the brain. This means that as you continue to use these tones to help with the attention deficit disorder, the benefits are derived more quickly as time progresses as the brain is actually getting ‘trained’ for optimum performance.

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